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Core Skills – Taster Session

Taster sessions are a great opportunity to get to know our coaching style before you invest in any of our development programs.

This short session will cover the core elements of communication and offer practical suggestions on how to use them in public speaking.
Also covered is how to overcome nerves and anxiety when speaking along with content mind-mapping and speech structure.

We hope you will enjoy this exciting session.

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    Core Skills
    Communication skills are comprised of a number of key elements. If you are looking to become a more effective public speaker, or if you simply want to improve your ability to communicate with others, you will need to learn a variety of different subsets of knowledge and integrate them into your action plan. These core skills will act as the foundation to the communication sciences, and the public speaking in general. I consider these to be the most important skills in improving your market value as a public speaker and communicator. These core skills apply to almost all situations.
    At the foundation of all communication are the Elements of Communication, which deal with the source and recipient of information, the intermediary process involved with communicating the information effectively, and the nature of how information is passed from the source to the recipient effectively and concisely. The four key Elements of Communication are Verbal (the words you use), Para-verbal (or Vocal Variety) (the way in which you deliver the words), Non-verbal (or Body Language) (what you say without speaking) and finally Active Listening.
    Speech giving and presentation skills are also important to improving your communication ability. If you are regularly speaking to a group of people, and you want to improve your ability to speak to your audience with more impact, then we suggest you should focus very strongly on improving your abilities as a public speaker using the techniques demonstrated here.
    Your body language is paramount to communicating effectively. Body language control is one of the most important core skills, because it allows you to take advantage of nonverbal cues to convey yourself more effectively and create an aura of respect and authority on any subject that you choose to speak upon. Bad posture, a lack of eye contact, fidgeting and facial tics, and other bad body language will invariably injure your ability to communicate with other people effectively, and it will make you look weak in the process.
    Understanding your audience is an important core skill that is absolutely essential to being a good communicator. You must understand the people that you are speaking to intimately, so as to avoid offending them and to find a common ground that will allow you to inject your ideas and knowledge into their minds. Knowing your audience helps you to find the best way to communicate your ideas. The way that you speak to a classroom of primary school children versus the way that you speak to a room full of social scientists is not the same, and this is part of understanding your audience and communicating your message in the most effective way possible while keeping their needs and their perspective in mind.
    Just as you must be the master of your own body language, you must also master and conquer your anxiety and your nervousness if it is a significant obstacle to your success. If the thought of delivering a speech or promoting your own work to a superior an effort to network or seek out a promotion is daunting to you, then you need to overcome your anxiety and your fear in order to realize your full potential and improve your business market value as an individual employee and entrepreneur. You must be calm, collected, and manage your anxieties so that they do not obstruct you from success or progress.
    You must also learn to improve your speaking voice, learning to use accentuation and improve your pronunciation in order to convey yourself professionally and deliver speeches with authority. You must also master the acoustic circumstances that pose a threat to your speeches and presentations, such as having to speak at an outdoor event without the assistance of a microphone and sound system, or having to deal with an auditorium or expo hall that was poorly designed.
    Vocal variety is a key element of retaining the attention of your audience. Used effectively, it can dramatically improve your presentations and speeches. Changing up your voice pitch and excite the audience or call them to attention, and learning how to use pauses and emphasis effectively, in combination with controlling the volume of your voice, you can highlight the most important points or add humor to the most uncomfortable aspects of your presentation in order to soften the blow.
    When giving presentations, you must consider the fact that often times, you will have to compress your presentation into a very short format. If you are recording a minute long commercial for example, you may have to cut a lot of content. Finding ways to make such a short commercial spot resonate with your audience and convey your message accurately and concisely is an art in and of itself. This is why marketing agencies and advertisement agencies exist. You would be hard-pressed to create a perfect advertisement, but you can certainly learn to take advantage of your audience and to create more concise and effective scripts and speeches in a world that has an increasingly short attention span.
    You also must consider the possibility of having to speak at weddings and other family occasions, or having to utilize your public speaking abilities in front of friends and people that you would not normally be giving a presentation to. For people who are inexperienced with giving speeches, this can be a great venue and opportunity for growth. For most people, it is a dreaded duty that they would much rather get done with quickly. Most people don’t like to be put on the spot, even if they are around people that they are normally comfortable with in any other given social situation. It is intimidating to have to speak in front of an audience, even if you know the people around you intimately. It does however give you a place to practice your public speaking skills, without ruining your credibility your career with an outright bad or awkward presentation or speech.
    It is also crucial to utilize formal and informal networking techniques to expand your social circle. You must always be looking for opportunities to add more people into your sphere of influence in order to find resources where most people would normally not look. If you ever have to meet someone who is significantly more experienced than you in your field, you may be intimidated by their prestige and gravitas. You may also find unexpected mentors and allies in the least likely places. This is the difference between formal and informal networking, and utilizing both your advantage will increase your ability to perform at a high level significantly. Having a variety of contexts spread over multiple industries through both formal and informal connections will give you significant pull and influence, and will once again raise your market value as an individual worker and increase your potential to make even more connections.
    Perhaps you are simply looking to overcome an irrational fear of the idea of speaking in public. This crucial obstacle is what stops most people from progressing in this department of personal development. Most people will not make an attempt to overcome this fear because of the over exaggerated risk of wounded pride. Most people care too much for what others think of them, and this causes them to feel incredibly anxious and nervous about the prospect of exposing their ideas and innovations to a public venue. Unfortunately, this has the effect of crippling your ability to give accurate, effective, and concise presentations that captivate audiences and highlight your ideas.
    All of these crucial elements of public speaking and communication are difficult to learn alone, which is why we offer a world-class mentoring service. Thousands of our students have gone on to great success as a result of our guidance, but remember that all of their success is self-driven. We believe in self driven success and the pursuit of self-improvement. We will give you the tools that you need to find a pathway, and we will show you the way that others have most commonly used before you on their path to success, but everything else is a result of your own initiative, courage, and bravery.
    We start by diagnosing the cause of your public speaking anxieties, and we tackle any pre-existing issues that you have, so that we can move on from this initial diversion and start adapting the most important aspects of the science of communication. We introduce you to public speaking gradually, and we give you objective view points on what you have done right and what you have done wrong. This allows you to utilize our feedback to improve dramatically, and cultivate a sense of self-confidence and build a sense of greater self-worth, which is essential to being an effective presenter and public speaker.
    If you do not believe in yourself, and if you do not believe in the ideas that you are conveying, you will never be able to come off as authoritative and confident. This is why we believe it is crucial that we start the process by changing your worldview and perspective, and improving your sense of self-worth. If you have already conquered these obstacles and you are ready to move on to more intermediate topics, we begin by demonstrating the foundations of communication science and giving you the theoretical background on why these techniques and principles are so important.
    Once you have mastered the basics, then we begin to teach you the more advanced elements of communicative skills, such as gauging the reaction of your audience and understanding how to utilize audience feedback is a metric for further improvement of your public speaking ability. Then, we introduce you to vocal variety and other similar concepts, and help you build a presentation friendly voice that will allow you to captivate your audience and draw them in.
    Our personalized, one-on-one coaching is designed to engage your specific situation. We will look at the context and help you develop along a personalized path to success, taking into account your abilities and your strengths, and pointing out your weaknesses so that they can be amended. We offer the most personalized coaching program for salespeople, businessmen, and anyone who simply want to improve their communicative abilities in a variety of different settings. If you are looking for the best program in the industry, you should seriously consider hiring us as your exclusive public speaking mentors. Thousands of our customers have succeeded with the help of our knowledge and experience, and we would love you to join us in achieving greater mastery over communication skills and public speaking ability.
    Our program works, because we do not regurgitate information or continually use the same techniques as a one-size-fits-all solution. We take into account your unique conditions and integrate them into the program. Our environment is intimates, self-driven, and we are focused intensely on ensuring that you get the best return on your investment by following up on your success from start to finish. This is what sets our coaching programs apart from other programs in the industry, and many of our competitors offer get rich quick schemes and other snake oil salesman type tactics to sell you on the idea that their secret methodology is the key to achieving a life of fame and fortune. We access what is already inside of you, and help you hone your skills so that you have the tools that you need to engage your professional and personal life with confidence and decisiveness.
    The path to mastery as long and arduous, and no one ever said it would be easy. We don’t promise it will be quick, but we do promise that if you stick to our advice and strike out on your own, that you will dramatically improve your own communicative abilities and become a better and more effective public speaker, presenter, networker, and leader in the process.
    If you are tired of hearing the same information from all of these suppose and sales coaches who don’t really know the industry at all, you need a different class of mentor who has been involved intimately in the sales industry and in a variety of different industries. You need a customized coaching plan that will adapt to you rather than force you to adapt to it.