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60 Second Commercial – Workshop

Do you ever attend business networking events and don’t really listen or pay attention to the other 60 second ‘elevator’ pitches? Perhaps they are not engaging enough, or just plain dull and boring?

Well if that’s what you do, perhaps others are doing the same to you.

In this workshop we cover all the elements required to deliver a range of compelling and highly engaging 60 Second commercials.
Not just what to say, but how to say it in a way which will have the other network attendees hanging off your every word and still wanting more.

Be prepared to have your mind opened to the wonderful world of elevator pitches in this highly practical workshop.

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    60 Second Commercial

    The 60 second commercial (or elevator pitch as it’s often known) is commonly seen at business networking events, but it can be extremely useful in many professional situations. The concept is that you have to get the listener engaged and interested with a clear and concise overview of your business (or just a part of your business) within 60 seconds. Sounds easy? Well for many people, that’s just not the case.
    For the majority of people, they are probably daunted with the task of fitting a load of information into a short, minute-long elevator pitch. There’s just too much to cover. If this is your first time creating a 60 second commercial for a business networking event and you don’t have a lot of experience in the way of delivering short yet effective speeches, we urge you to give serious consideration to hiring a professional mentor to guide you along the way to learning to perfect the art of public speaking and making effective business presentations.
    Even some people who are confident comfortable public speakers are frightened by the idea of being analysed by other professionals at a business networking meeting, trying to fit all of their ideas in this incredibly short format. If you aim to pull this task off, not just once but on a regular basis, you’ll need a range of skills and techniques that you potentially you do not already possess. If you can get over your anxiety, it can still be nerve-wracking to try and figure out how to include all of the crucial information in a 60 second elevator pitch, all the while worrying about whether or not you’ve executed your delivery well.
    People practice this kind of stuff for years, but if you’re put on the spot for a college assignment for a media or communications class, or your small business or organisation tasks you with attending a business network meeting on a regular basis, you probably lack experience with creating concise and effective commercial spots. Worry not! We can teach you how to develop and deliver an excellent range of presentations that will clearly communicate your ideas to your intended audience. All it takes is a little bit of practice, a little bit of time, and an understanding of communication science and public speaking skills and you are there.
    It is easier to learn the art of public speaking and you might first assume. Using proven techniques that modern masters and ancient orators have capitalized on since the beginning of oral traditions, you can command an infinitely powerful presence on and off stage, whether you are performing at a live venue or you are delivering a 60 second elevator pitch in a small networking group. These techniques apply universally across all public speaking tasks. Utilizing them and applying them to your unique situation will allow you to master your audience and gaining a deeper understanding of how to effectively communicate your ideas in a concise and efficient format.

    Creating your Killer Elevator Pitch

    It would be impossible to give you all of the crucial information that we use in one article but you can pack sufficient information into an effective elevator pitch to be used at business networking. We can give you a glimpse into what it is like studying on your path to mastering the art of public speaking and delivery of that superb elevator pitch. We cover an extensive array of different topics, ranging from understanding the basics behind communication science to applying these techniques in modern circumstances, such as creating effective presentations and commercial that will allow you to captivate your audience and capitalize on their held attention.
    Holding the attentions of your audience is easier said than done however. A sixty second commercial does not give you a lot of breathing room to work with, so you are going to have to figure out a way to pack all of your most crucial information into the content of the commercial while minimizing on fluff and useless, irrelevant information that will not effectively convey your message to your audience. Identifying the difference between useful and useless content takes a bit of practice. You also need to grab the audience’s attention really quickly.
    You can try practicing ahead of time by writing practice scripts for your 60 second commercials and elevator pitch, or creating flowcharts or bullet point lists to demonstrate the most important aspects you will use. Read off the scripts to yourself or your co-workers, but try to get a fairly objective outside opinion on whether or not your commercial does a good job at retaining the attention of your audience, and whether it accomplishes whatever objective it set out to handle in the first place. If it presents the information in a way that will bore your viewers, then you might want to consider spicing things up with a bit of vocal variation and more effective delivery.
    Creating a hard-hitting elevator pitch that effectively delivers a message to your audience is easier said than done, and it requires a lot of experience to be an effortless affair. As with any learning process, you will inevitably disappoint yourself if you go in expecting to do perfectly the first time that you attempt to create a minute long commercial. Don’t expect too much of yourself, as perfectionism is a dangerous loop. If you continually set your expectations way above what should be expected of you, you will only disappoint yourself and discourage yourself from growth.
    It greatly helps to understand both the basic and intermediary concepts behind public speaking before attempting to create an effective short length commercial. Understanding things like the Elements of Communication will help you in determining the best way to deliver your message to your audience. It must be encoded for your audience, so that they can digest the information easily and don’t get caught up with in the lexicon or jargon that only experts in your field would be able to understand with any sort of cohesiveness. Your commercial must be entertaining enough to retain the attention of your audience, and it must be effective enough to deliver the information in a concise and bite-size environments.
    Achieving a perfect balance between all of these elements of course is going to be a difficult task for someone who does not have any experience with the matter. As you continue to create more short commercials, you will find that the process gets easier with practice. Once you gauge the feedback of your audience, you will be able to determine what works and what does not work with your specific target audience in regards to creating effective, short length commercials.
    Suffice it to say that even the greatest marketing minds on the planet would find it a difficult task to create an excellent, flawless piece of advertising the first time they were given the prompt. You have to start somewhere, even if you are starting out small. Advertisers can benefit hugely from an education in communication, and this is why they should seek out a professional mentor who has experience in the industry. I have taught thousands of students over the years how to become effective communicators and public speakers, and I continue to reinforce their knowledge and ensure their success with proven techniques utilized by the brightest minds in the industry.

    Hire a Communication Mentor to Help Develop your Skills

    Our coaches and tutors have participated in public speaking, business networking, speechwriting, speech delivery, presenting, and a variety of other specialized courses to our clients for many years. If you are looking for a full course education in the art of public speaking and producing effective communicative media, you need a 21st-century solution that utilizes all of the latest science and techniques proven to work in a variety of different industries.
    Our delivery methods are highly participative and student centric and they work for your specific situation. We often deliver customized one-on-one mentoring packages which are effective in producing more productive speech writers, communicators, businessmen, presenters, and public speakers in general. If you plan on creating a range of varied 60 second elevator pitch in the future, you are going to need a strong communications background to be able to create highly effective commercials that will captivate your audience each and every time. I cannot stress how important it is to have a mentor showing you the proper way towards effective, self-driven learning. You certainly can learn all of this knowledge on your own, but it will take a lot longer to sort out the good information from the bad if you do not have an experienced mentor to show you along on the process of attaining mastery of communications. Our coaches have all been there and done that, and therefore we can help a variety of different professionals truly improve their communication and public speaking skills with a proven range of courses that have shown time and time again to dramatically increase the value and knowledge of our students. Increase your market value with essential knowledge and industry secrets available to our students through the extensive tutoring programs. We will teach you to be effective and highly efficient.
    Perhaps we don’t have to convince you that it is difficult to create effective elevator pitch. There are entire agencies working night and day to create effective marketing campaigns and commercials to engage audiences in a time where cynicism and disenchantment have reached all-time highs. You can be dealing with a cynical audience that is highly resistant to advertising, which is why you need tutoring the field of communications to understand your audience, their needs, their desires, and what they love and hate. Never alienate your audience and always listen to their feedback, and you will know exactly how to integrate this knowledge into your battle plan for all future commercial efforts if you have a mentor to show you how to interpret it.
    We have created so many success stories with the help of diligent and tenacious students. Of course, they did the work of changing their mind-sets and improving their self-confidence and communicative abilities through research, extensive practice, and trial and error. We pointed them in the direction for success, and they tread the path on their own. The programs provided are for self-directed learners who are looking for results. We are able to promise that our programs are some of the very best in class, and will challenge you to become a better communicator of ideas, a better advertiser, and a better public speaker. You will be continually challenged to be better at what you do. We believe in deeply investing in each and every one of our clients, and want to ensure that they join the thousands of success stories we have created collaboratively with them in the past. Whether you are simply looking to improve your ability to sell yourself and sell your ideas to potential employers, or you want to benefit from useful insider knowledge that will give you an edge in the advertising and marketing industry, we believe we have a program that can do it all.
    Part of the benefits of being a teacher is learning from your students. We have gathered hundreds of stories over the years, and have gained insights from the diverse experiences our students have brought. Having spoken to corporate CEOs, advertisers, business magnates, marketers, teachers, college students, financial executives and so many others has allowed us to learn from them as well in the process of teaching them to be better negotiators and presenters, or to improve their public speaking and their ability to communicate with others.

    Closing Thoughts

    We very much look forward to working collaboratively with you to create a customized, modular plan that will allow you to reach a greater understanding of how to produce effective and concise 60 second commercials and elevator pitches. We will examine the importance of understanding your audience, and how to read into their desires and utilize the knowledge that a variety of other trends and parameters give you as well. In order to understand and decode this information, you need to correct lands and the experience to see patterns where others do not.
    We give you the tools that you need to succeed, and we lead you in the right direction so that you can benefit from our knowledge and experience while still creating your own unique success story that is wholly yours. We help make sense of the process of creating commercial spots. Now, take initiative and become a master of your craft. Learn audience analysis, effective techniques for presenting and prioritizing the most important information within your commercial, and learn how to keep your audience fully engaged and attentive to whatever you are trying to present them. Master these elements, and you have yourself a winning formula for creating killer commercial presentations.