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10 Minute Presentations – Workshop

If like me, you attend business network meetings on a regular basis you will no doubt have seen (and may even have delivered) a 10 minute presentation.

Sadly, on a very regular basis, they are dull and uninspiring.

Does that really represent your business? If someone asked you to describe your business, would dull be the first reply you give?

This short workshop will provide you will all the tools you need to deliver an engaging and informative 10 minute presentation on your business.

We start off with topics and how to choose the best for any given situation. We then move onto structure and the elements of a great presentation. Finally we cover deliver, to help you show the passion and enthusiasm you have for your business and engage effectively with your audience.

Your 10 minute presentations don’t need to be dull and this workshop will show you how to put a WOW into yours.

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    Giving a 10 Minute Presentation

    In a huge variety of different industries, you may be eventually be given the duty of setting up a 10 minute presentation. If you’re in business, marketing, or anything to do with finance, it is likely you’ll end up doing a lot of 10 minute presentations before you’ve retired. If, like me, you attend business networking events, your 10 minute presentation frequency will be much higher. It’s just one of those things you are expected to do.
    However, shockingly, a good number of us (the vast majority and probably over 90%) are absolutely terrified at the mere prospect of speaking to our peers in a formal setting, which holds many of us back from promotions and career pathways we would have otherwise excelled at. This also prevents us from showing our business in the best possible light. If you’re one of these people—and if statistics have anything to say, you likely are—why haven’t you tried to learn public speaking skills yet?
    Learning to be a good public speaker and presenter is not as simple as finding a mentor or even reading a book, and while reading books to absorb knowledge and finding mentors in the process is absolutely essential to learning any craft, it is more important that you start by analysing why you have such deep anxieties about giving a 10 minute presentation to your co-workers, or to any other group of people. Sure, it’s only ten minutes and many people will tell you “what can possibly go wrong in such a short time?”. At Be A Great Speaker, we like to look at things in a more positive way. Rather than focus on what could go wrong (because if you do, it probably will!), why not focus on the end result when things go right. You are launched to the status of ‘expert in your field’ and your business gains the credibility is really deserves.
    If you’re worrying that every word that slips out of your mouth is going to end in tragedy for your career, you will most assuredly lower your chances of success; at the very least, you’re just stressing yourself out for no reason, and this will invariably affect the outcome of your speech. This self-destructive neuroticism is a construction of the mind, and we are setting ourselves up for failure by remaining in this mind-set.
    Change begins from within, and it is essential that you grasp the importance of instilling a sense of self-confidence and positivity within yourself, by truly believing in yourself. Now, this is only part of the journey and the path to becoming a master presenter is a long and let’s be honest, a sometimes challenging one. Nonetheless, if you cannot get by this initial obstacle, you won’t go anywhere and your skills will not truly shine. If you work in a highly competitive workplace, I don’t have to tell you that the people who fail to live up to their duties are the first people on the chopping block.
    However, do not worry. We can train and coach you to get past this obstacle. We are there to support you if you cannot do it on your own. We offer professional one-on-one coaching for a variety of different issues in order to help you unlock your full potential as a public speaker or presenter. Once you’ve inspired yourself, achieved true self-confidence, and felt the power of self-actualization, you can begin to start the mechanical process of building the best possible presentation. If you’re on limited time, then it should even give you more motivation to do well.

    Make a Killer 10 Minute Presentation

    What goes into an effective 10 minute presentation? There’s no tried-and-true formula that applies to every niche or every industry, but the best presentations in the world are a few things: concise, clear, engaging and effective. You need to learn how to achieve the best pace for your presentation, so that it doesn’t ramble on and lose your audience, and also so that you aren’t packing a ton of content into a minimal time slot. The information that you present must also be easily understood by everyone in the room, and it should be worded so that your audience can comprehend what you’re talking about. As tempted as you may be to stuff your presentation with impressive business jargon, you need to consider whether your audience will understand what you’re saying; not everyone is an insider, and you must take this into account. Always pay ample attention to your audience, especially when you are setting up a 10 minute presentation. Your presentation must also be effective. Don’t expect that you will deliver ground breaking presentations every time, but do expect your presentations to always be effective in delivering their message to the audience powerfully. If your presentation is being supported by PowerPoint or any other visual aid, make sure to include critical information such as your long-term objectives, your plans, your metrics and analysis, and anything else that will help you drive your point home to your audience. But remember that PowerPoint is a visual aid and it does not constitute a presentation in its own right. You are the presenter the audience are there to see. Finally, please also remember that it’s simply not about what you are delivering, it’s far more about how you deliver it. We can take the finest content and material created and easily destroy it with poor delivery.
    If you can accomplish a balance of all of these elements, you’ve created a masterful presentation. Unfortunately, most people won’t be able to pick this up right away and start making amazing 10 minute presentations, but this is where practice comes in. As stupid as it sounds, try practicing your upcoming presentation on your family members, and have them be honest about their response. Constructive criticism is key here. Never take criticism to heart, because defensiveness is only going to deter your potential growth. Always listen and adapt any criticism you receive, from whoever, however, and wherever. Use it as a compass to measure your progress and drive you forward towards greater mastery of your craft. The old saying goes that only foolish leaders ignore advisors, and you’d be a fool as well if you paid no heed to advice. There is a time and a place for being tenacious, independent, bull-headed, and self-driven, but these traits will only obstruct your improvement in unfamiliar domains.

    Beginner’s Mistakes

    The most common way forward with your own progress is to rely on the same gimmick over and over again. If you find something that works, and you get a good reaction from your audience or your boss tells you that you’ve done a great job, well done. Whilst this is an excellent start, do not rest on your laurels. You need a range of 10 minute presentations, each with its own key message and objectives. Use what worked well in your best practice reflection but ensure that each 10 minute presentation stands on its own merit. You need to learn to ensure your presentations are as dynamic as possible, incorporating familiar material and new material in equal parts. Draw the audience in with a bit of humour or something that will liven an otherwise sombre occasion, then load them up with information once they’ve got their guard down.
    It’s an unwritten fact that people will be more receptive to information and to changing their mind-sets when their mental and social barriers are down, which is why it is crucial that you start off your presentations lightly before progressing onto the more serious matters at hand. Are you the unlucky person who has to present record losses for your company in a 10-minute business plan? Make light of it, but don’t joke around too much. You need to feel out your audience and find a good balance, not inserting enough humour to make things awkward, but not putting in so much factual information that it becomes a struggle just to keep your audience attentive and interested in what you have to say.
    Never believe that more content equals more engagement. The name of the game is less content with more impact. Ensure that the factual information you intend to bring into your presentation is hard-hitting and accomplishes whatever objective you set out to complete. Redundancy and fluff will dilute the potency of what could have ended up being far more impactful, and this is why you must ensure that you do not fall victim to the aforementioned belief that more information equals more engagement.

    Learning the Right Way

    Whether you’re looking up this guide because you have to give the first 10-minute speech of your career, or you’re a college student simply looking for information on how to make an excellent 10 minute presentation that will earn you the highest grade on the Bell Curve, you need to understand that becoming an effective presenter or public speaker is a lifelong affair. You must always constantly strive to improve your abilities, and most people squander opportunities for improving their ability to speak to others because they fear the consequences of failure, and let themselves be held back by their anxieties and fears about getting up in front of an audience and putting their mind and heart on display.
    It is intimidating, especially since your pride can be wounded if you get a poor reception from your audience. It’s one of the most excruciating things a man or woman can go through, to have their ideas and their hard work rejected, or to trip and fall over a few misspoken words and stuttered syllables. Once you cast doubts out of your heart, and focus on what is important, you will be able to truly deliver an effective presentation.
    The best way to learn how to become a world-class presenter is to find a world-class mentor. While good speakers certainly aren’t in low supply, most of them are fully engaged with their careers or other concerns, and as such, they don’t have time to be taking on a full host of mentors in order to teach the next generation how to be effective public speakers. Fortunately, however, we offer a world-class one-on-one service that will teach you proven ways to dramatically improve your public speaking ability, business networking skills, speech writing and speech giving, and so much more.

    Changing Your Mind-set on Public Speaking

    You should not see a 10 minute presentation as a necessary evil in your life, but as an opportunity to learn and grow with your experiences. If you can overcome your crippling stage fight and give even a lacklustre performance, you’ll find that your confidence has gone up a fair amount. It should catalyse you and drive you forward. Take any opportunity you can to speak in a public setting or give a presentation. Join leadership clubs, or engage your professors or boss and volunteer to give presentations or speak in a public capacity whenever you can.
    If you practice this enough, you will get to the point that you can start to expel fear from your heart, so you can reach greater heights by adapting the lessons of great speakers and presenters who came before you. Some of the greatest speeches of all time were given by people who were risen up from adversity, and rose to the occasion of leadership, inspiring their generation with their thoughtful words and perspectives. Sometimes, they even inspired people to do great and terrible things, but their control of the crowd and of people’s ambitions and wills was admirable, at least.
    Charisma is something that can be felt, and certain people possess it at birth. Others learn the skill of speech giving and presenting, and build a charisma of their own, or improve upon the one they were given at birth. It is entirely possible for anyone to become an excellent speaker, provided they are willing to put in enough time and effort to do so. With a little bit of practice, you can ace your next 10 minute presentation, and gain the respect of your peers and your superiors, which will no doubt open up many opportunities for you in the way of careers and positions of leadership.
    Modern society teaches us to be afraid of challenge, and to shy away from adversity. It can be painful, indeed, to be forced into a situation that greatly discomforts you. It can be excruciating to have to give a speech when you are a quiet, meek person that does not normally find power within their voice. The worst that you can do is fail to inspire people, but you still will have done better than someone who didn’t try at all. Start to see the people and circumstances around you with this world-view, and hopefully, it will embolden you.
    The team at Be A Great Speaker would like to be your mentor, and to guide you along the way to mastery of this wonderful and ancient craft. Most of us will not be so brave or so charismatic that we will inspire nations and move oceans, but at least we’ll be able to make a lasting impact upon our classmates, co-workers, bosses, and professors by creating an absolutely fantastic presentation that concisely and clearly demonstrates factual information and is seasoned with just the right amount of humour and light-heartedness so as to make it palatable.