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In modern business and life in general, there is a high expectation that you can communicate clearly and effectively.

It may be a meeting with your colleagues, a presentation to clients or a 60 second commercial at a business networking event. Regardless of the situation, people will judge your capability on the quality of your communication and presentation skills.

Outside of work, you may be called upon to deliver a wedding speech, a funeral eulogy or just say a few words at a family celebration. Once again, a judgement will be made based on how well you speak.

At Be A Great Speaker we help people who find speaking and presenting a challenge. Don’t be alarmed, surveys show that less than 5% of the population are good confident speakers.

So whatever your need, we are happy to see if we can help. Please contact us for a no obligation, free of charge, initial consultation.

We look forward to helping you Be A Great Speaker.

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We also have other clients spread across the UK and are happy to travel to speak about new opportunities.
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    Overcoming your Fear of Public Speaking

    If you are like most people, you probably have a crippling fear of speaking in public . If you took 100 people in a room and told them that each of them would have to deliver a speech to a crowd of 1,000, 95% of those people, or 95 of those people, are probably going to be very nervous about completing such a task. How is it then, that some of us seem to command crowds without any worries at all? What is it that sets good public speakers apart from poor public speakers? Is it mind-set, including psychological factors that are set for us at birth? There are many answers to this question, but above all of this information, it is possible to become a confident proficient communicator in public, and don’t forget, even the greatest speakers have to learn the art of speaking in public rather than rely on being born with any innate talent.
    Anyone can learn almost any skill, so long as they’re willing to spend time doing so. All types of communication are no exception to this basic fact, and we have a 100% expectation that you will be able to conquer your fear and become a truly masterful public speaker. Remember that discipline and practice will make the lion’s share of difference when it comes to learning any personal skill or improving yourself in general.

    The Greatest Myth

    There’s an old trick that has become so famous (or infamous) that it has been parodied thousands of times in children’s TV shows, movies, and other popular media. In fact, this trick is so pervasive within society that it has become a popular culture parody in and of itself. “Think of them all in their underwear.” You’ve heard it before haven’t you? You also know that it simply doesn’t work at all and becoming a fantastic public speaker is not as simple as believing that everyone in the audience is in their underwear (or less!). In some cases, quick hit tips like this will simply make things worse, or will make you rely on psychological gimmicks that won’t last.
    What you need is guidance from a trained mentor in combination with a transformative mental and psychological change that will render you a competent public speaker, in combination with lessons that will give you excellent knowledge that is essential to becoming a high-quality communicator. These include such things as body language control (including posture, facial expression, eye contact and a great smile), vocal variety (which includes a deep understanding of tonal and acoustic factors, pace and volume control) and so on and so forth. Speaking to 10,000 people in a packed auditorium is regarded as a very different experience to speaking with just a low number of your peers in a small hall. They will have varying acoustic circumstances, the crowds are of different sizes, and the crowds may be of different demographics which can dramatically affect the way that you must address them; you wouldn’t address a classroom full of preschool children the same way that you would address a rowdy audience of twenty-something businessmen in the stock trading, marketing, or sales industries.

    Mentors and Teachers in the Art of Speaking

    Unfortunately, finding a mentor to give you this kind of information one-on-one so that you fully absorb it into your practice in the art of public speaking is easier said than done. Overcoming your fear, nerves and anxiety begins with a change from within, and this is done in conjunction with a mentor who catalyses this change and lights a fire in your heart, driving you forward with a passionate, entrepreneurial pursuit to become the best public speaker of your time. This is why it is so important to have a teacher who has been there and has done that. You need someone who has already been on that journey to becoming an excellent public speaker, in order to learn how to become an excellent speaker on your own. Overcoming your fear of public speaking is a lot faster when you have an experienced professional to stand by your side and guide you along the way, helping you avoid beginner’s mistakes and other things and factors that trip people up along their journey to excellence.
    What if you had a mentor that you could reach out to any time, and a wealth of knowledge that could help you dramatically along your journey to overcoming your fear of public speaking? What if you could access this information any time, at any place, from any electronic device? You have found the right place, because this is exactly what we at Be A Great Speaker provide!

    Speaking in Public Throughout History

    Before we go more into the products and services that we offer for aspiring communicators and presenters and also those looking to overcome a fear of public speaking in general, let’s talk a little bit more about the history of the subject. Human beings have been speaking for as long as they have had voices, which is to say that we have been speaking since the dawn of our species. But when did public speaking really take off as a distinctive specialty or profession? Historians are not sure, but it probably happened around the time that we started creating permanent civilizations like the Assyrian Empire, or any other typical and pre-biblical Empire states. Before this, of course there were tribal leaders who led thousands of people into zealous rampages against their neighbours simply because they did not look like them, and communicating was probably quite bare-bones and straight to the point back then. Indeed, much of early human history is still conveyed to us through oral tradition, which was the original venue for storytelling and public presentation for man. It is here where the greatest mythical heroes and deepest collective fears of our species emerged in stories told around the camp-fire and in shamanic huts.
    More cushy civilization such as the Roman Empire, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Chinese, and any of the other high civilizations that emerged later in human history were probably the originators of the art of public speaking in terms of something that was practised actively and pots to the young and those who were being groomed to be political leaders and prolific heads of their own household. In this time, the sons of emperors and kings and those who were descendants of nobles and other high-ranking officials were the only people who were able to benefit from formalized public speaking training. In the modern age, the common man can learn to become an excellent speaker, with societies like the Toastmasters and other public speaking clubs and venues swelling with membership. However, many people prefer formalised, one-on-one training, or they prefer to gleam knowledge on the art of public speaking from a book or from written material before practising in front of the crowd.
    Some of the greatest speakers in history had a variety of different learning styles, but regardless of how they were taught, they all had one thing in common. A strong desire, a passion, to communicate effectively and be able to speak confidently to an audience. People now are very lucky that they can choose to learn by listening to an audio-book, reading a website such as ours, or receiving personalized one-on-one public speaking training from a qualified and experienced instructor. Cicero in the Roman Empire was renowned as one of the greatest communicators of his time, and probably one of the greatest speakers in the history of mankind. To this day, his writings and speeches are legendary and remain highly effective even in the context of modern sensibilities. While you may not be able to become a Cicero and have your name immortalized forever in the history of man, you may be able to take advantage of what lessons there are out there in order to become an exceptionally good public speaker and attain respect from your peers. This is especially important for people in leadership positions in their workplace or in other environments, as you will often find yourself in a situation where you will have to speak to an audience or address a group of your peers, and you will need to learn to speak effectively while holding all of the circumstances of the speech in consideration in order to deliver the most effective speech possible.

    Factors for Speaking in Public

    You will have to account for the type of setting you are speaking in, including the venue itself and what the acoustics are like. As mentioned earlier, the way that you address the audience will vary greatly depending on your actual audience type. Whether they are young men who are rowdy and boisterous, or a group of single mothers who are looking for guidance from a counsellor, you will have to change your tone and your word choice in order to address the audience and the most appropriate way possible. Controlling the audience is also important, and if you are a comedian or you are in a business where you are constantly competing with other people who are ambitious, you will probably be heckled and occasionally given a little bit of flak for what you say. You need to learn to deal with circumstances like this and continue to speak uninterrupted while you are engaging your audience. You need to maintain constant eye contact when appropriate, and you need to understand how to project and make your voice heard in the room in question so that even the people in the back of the room can hear you. You may or may not have a microphone, and you may simply have to use the natural volume of your voice to project your words to the back of the audience. All of these factors and more will become second nature considerations for you when you become a master public speaker. Becoming a master of any art or science is rooted deeply in transforming all of the aspects of your craft into second nature knowledge, so that you have a simple reflex that calls back to the knowledge that you learned as a student and draws it up whenever it is necessary.

    Learning this fine Art

    Think of it like driving a car. Once you start driving a car, it seems complicated to have to control the speed of the vehicle, steer the vehicle, learn how to reverse parallel park, watch out for pedestrians and other dangerous drivers, watch the speed limit, and so on and so forth. When you become an excellent driver after driving for many years however, these things are as simple as breathing; because they become second nature for you. This natural process of becoming a master applies to all crafts and all forms.
    You will never have to even think about judging your audience and your environment once you have acquired the skills needed for excellence in speaking to a crowd of people, no matter what the environment or contextual situation is. We focus on giving you the skills that you need to succeed at projecting your voice, finding the right tonality, choosing your words correctly, and a host of other absolutely essential skills that when you fused together into a concoction, create a truly formidable person.
    Brush up on your leadership skills, your business networking abilities, and your ability to sell yourself and your ideas with effectiveness and power. If you are one of those people that always gets pushed around or walked on by people with more powerful personalities, it is high time to cultivate a more definite presence and improve your sense of self-worth and self-respect so that other people begin to see you with more gravitas and confidence. As you can see, it begins with changing the person on the inside before you cultivate the skills that you need for success on the outside.

    What We Offer at Be A Great Speaker

    For those of you who need a little extra push on the journey to personal excellence, our site can help equip you with the greatest knowledge that has been utilized by the best public speakers in the world to inspire thousands of people, or even tens of thousands of people! We give you lessons that will turn you into a fantastic speaker, both mechanically and psychologically. This is a full service, full course program that gives you all of the knowledge that you could ever need on your journey to overcoming your fear of public speaking.
    It is all about inspiring people and keeping them completely locked on your presentation. You want them to hang on every word and anticipate that everything that is going to come out of your mouth is worth paying attention to. This is especially important for people who need to speak to their colleagues and co-workers, people who are speaking in a business seminar, or giving a presentation to their peers. It is also important socially for example at weddings, family dinners, and other occasions where you might need to brush up on your public speaking skills or overcoming tremendous fear or anxiety surrounding the idea of speaking in front of people.
    We never presume to know the exact reason that you are anxious of speaking in public to a large group of people, or even to a small group of people. Various factors in our childhood influence us in various ways. Suffice it to say that the human mind is an incredibly complicated organ that we are only beginning to understand with our modern 21st-century scientific knowledge; that being said, there are commonalities between most people that have issues about speaking in public or who cultivate a great anxiety at the thought of having to speak to even a small group of people.
    If your parents did not talk you up and give you a lot of pride for your accomplishments, perhaps you feel that your work is not worthy, or that you may not even get a good reception from an audience because your ideas are poor. Even if you were a fantastic genius and had created something that would help mankind achieve an incredible goal, you may not even be confident enough to trust yourself to speak about your invention to the public.
    It could be your sense of self-worth, a connection to a bad past experience or a poor speak that you delivered that created a great sense of anxiety for you, or it could be something else entirely. We will leave that for psychologists to figure out. We give you proven methods that help you in overcoming your fear, nerves and anxiety of public speaking, and we will be with you every step of the way on your journey to success. Just like the great orators of Rome who came before you, or the business magnates hailing from the 1800s who inspired men to great works of public engineering, you too can learn to speak effectively to an audience of tens of thousands.

    Achieving Mastery in Speaking

    This will be a transformative period in your life if you decide to take up the knowledge that we have provided here and take it to heart. It will not be easy to learn to become an excellent speaker, and it certainly won’t be easy to overcome any fears and anxieties that you have about yourself or your abilities. When you doubt yourself, there will be no progress. This is why you must be self-actualized and believe fully in your own decision to improve your life and dramatically increase your market value as a business person or entrepreneur by learning effective speaking skills. This will help you give more effective and memorable speeches that will allow you to get your point across to your audience better than ever before. I cannot tell you enough how many times that I have heard of people who received promotions and new jobs because of their ability to properly present their case and create an environment of suspense and intense interest with every speech and presentation that they gave their co-workers. It helps you stand out from the crowd, and it helps you reach out and touch your audience in a way that you haven’t been able to before.
    For those of you who are not in competitive jobs or do not have to give speeches and presentations on a regular basis, public speaking skills are just as important for the average person. Think of the day when you will have to give a speech at your daughter’s wedding, or if you may be in a situation where you have to speak at a funeral or another similar family occasion which calls for your leadership and your guidance. It is your responsibility to learn to be an excellent speaker so you can inspire your family in times of emotional hardship and properly convey yourself in words to your family members when they need it most.
    Having an intense fear of public speaking is holding you back from success. There will be a time in your life, whether you like it or not, where you will have to speak to an audience of varying sizes. You may end up being in a situation where you have to speak to 10,000 of your peers, or maybe a situation where you are in the same room with 5 to 10 experts in your field, and you have to give a presentation to complete your post-secondary education for example. Students in particular can benefit from learning leadership skills in public speaking skills, and overcoming any fear of public speaking or anxiety that they have about the task. Get better grades by giving effective presentations, and take charge of your school group activities and projects by being a force of leadership and charisma. We can give you the tools that you need to start, but ultimately, the practice and application of these lessons is down to you and your actions and initiative.
    So why don’t you take initiative now? We have provided an immense amount of information on this website that will get you started off on the right foot to overcoming your anxieties and fears about public speaking. It is here that you will find the knowledge that you need in order to start a long career of being a successful presenter, speaker, and leader. If you find it difficult at first, remember that you should not give up at any cost. It may be difficult to learn how to break your holding patterns and change your emotional and mental make-up in order to become a more confident and self-actualized person, but the effort will assuredly repay you a thousand-fold if you continue to persist in improving yourself and your public speaking ability.
    On this site, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to read into the basics on public speaking, and we also off one-on-one coaching in order to help you improve your ability, your business relationships and networking skills, construct speeches for specific events, and more.
    Join us as we examine historical lessons and modern examples of excellent public speaking, and give you the information you will need in order to take the next step to becoming an illustrious speech-giver in a variety of different settings. Become more gregarious, actualize yourself and destroy your fears and anxieties, or simply improve your existing public speaking abilities. We are here for you every step of the way on your journey to excellence!