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Have you ever stopped to consider just how effectively you communicate?

For our founder, Chris Edmondson, communication skills have become a passion (perhaps even an obsession) studied over a long and broad career.

Starting in construction engineering and mining (where the preferred communication method was often fists), Chris developed a fascination in how effectively (or how ineffectively) we communicate.

Moving into engineering research and finally high-technology sales, Chris started to notice patterns in how different styles of people communicate and interact. For his sales team, communication was often the determining factor between success and failure.

A chance introduction to a global public speaking organisation started Chris on a journey from uncomfortable nervous rookie, to an enthusiastic passionate speaker.

The next logical stage was to support others on that same journey and so Be A Great Speaker was born.

With clients from a wide range of sectors including corporate, SMB, public-sector and personal, Be A Great Speaker have helped countless others to overcome their barriers, improve their skills and communicate (in whatever way) more effectively.

Our style is often referred to as direct but above all else, down to earth.
We are firm believers in ‘practice what you preach’, and deliver keynotes, lectures and workshops on a variety of communications topics.

Our Skills

Communication skills · 95%
Public Speaking · 90%
Speech Design · 80%
Business Networking Skills · 90%
Interview Techniques · 80%
Non-verbal Communication (Body Language) · 95%
Para-verbal Communication (Vocal Variety) · 90%
Overcoming speaking nerves and anxiety · 100%

An effective relationship starts
with effective communication.

Communication skills workshops

Workshops and coaching

A wide range of short courses and longer development programs to support your learning needs.
Any of our open programs can be delivered bespoke to your team’s specific needs or as coaching on a one-to-one-basis.

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Overcoming Public Speaking fear & anxiety
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Team Building through effective communication
  • Business Networking
  • Special Events (weddings, networking, etc)
  • Behavioural Profiling
Man speaking with Microphone

Keynote Speaking

Do you need an inspirational speaker to motivate your team or your conference audience ?
Are you looking for a speaker with less ego, but with more substance ?
Would you like to pick from a wide range of topics and categories to match your specific needs ?

At Be a Great Speaker we have a range of accomplished keynote presenters to add extra value and effective audience engagement to your event.
For company conferences through to awards ceremonies and charitable events.
From a 10 minute introduction ‘warmer’ through to a full 45-60 minute business keynote.
Whatever your needs, we are connected to speakers that fit the bill.

Master of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies

Place your event in safe hands.
However you measure the success of your event, great audience engagement, inspirational keynote, fabulous venue, you need to make sure all the elements flow seamlessly with each other.

Our experienced team of event hosts, comperes and MCs will take the stress during the event away from you and your team and ensure that your audience is effectively engaged and leave with a definite WOW !

Regardless of the event type, company conferences, awards ceremonies, charitable events, weddings and general celebrations, make sure you know that your event is in safe hands.


First ask yourself: What is the worst that can happen?
Then prepare for it. Then prepare to accept it.
Then proceed to improve on the worst.

Dale Carnegie

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can anyone become a comfortable confident speaker?

Absolutely, YES.

The question we get asked more than any other is “can I really become a comfortable confident speaker” and the answer is most certainly yes.

We’re proud to have a 100% success record taking people on the journey to being a great speaker.

You may be led to believe that speaking is a “natural talent” that people are sometimes born with, and it’s true that for some, speaking is less of a challenge than for others. However, EVERYONE can become a great speaker and that definitely includes you!

What's the most important thing when speaking?

Before we get embroiled in the great Mehrabian debate (click here for that question), there is one overall thing that towers above all others regarding its impact on the quality and effectiveness of your speech or communication. That’s YOU.

Your audience has not come to see great PowerPoint or Prezi and whilst the quality of your material is important, if you don’t deliver a compelling performance, nobody is listening.

We recommend working on the YOU part of communication before anything else.

I need to deliver a 'killer presentation'. Can you design great Powerpoint for me?

Yes we can help to design and create excellent PowerPoint, Prezi or whatever else to support your presentation. However, these are visual aids and there’s a clue in that name.

Slideshows are there to support (aid) your presentation, not replace it. Without you up-front, you may as well just print out your slides and hand them out for the audience to read..


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